Map Review of nuclear-poison

by dunkelschwamm | April 17, 2022 | 1562 characters

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Nuclear Poison is a map by Robootto that is very much a map by Robootto. It features large letters made out of brushes which players can awkwardly attempt to navigate around on, a spawn which is immediately hostile to the player, a fall relying on obscure water tricks to survive, and then a battle with two overpowered zombies at the bottom of it all. The rest of the map is just a large shaft lit with brightly colored ambiguous light sources. The intended fun is supposed to be in landing on the zombies to deal enough damage to kill them, or landing in the water and then dealing damage from there. The player can also land on the letters running vertically along the shaft to obtain grenades to rain down on the zombies as well.

That's the map. I don't really know what else I could add to describe it. It's another classic robootto- a completely basic idea presented in the most hostile way possible to the player.

I don't recommend it.


  • Fun idea to fall on zombies
  • Fun dropping grenades on zombies from super far up


  • The main concept of falling in the water is too insignificant a trick to carry a map and is really more annoying than anything
  • Fighting the zombies at ground level was miserable.
  • No clear ending
  • Ugly map
  • Hostile from spawn
Score: 0.4 / 10
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