Map Review of spynzlersplatter

by dunkelschwamm | April 17, 2022 | 1416 characters

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Spynzlersplatter is a robootto map wherein players hunt respawning bullsquids, zombies, and headcrabs in the same sense that bowlers hunt bowling pins. The enemies appear on alcoves above a large inclined plane which they slide down if they leave their alcove (which they often do). Sliding down drops them into a hurt brush that'll kill them (or the player) dead. The players are given grenades to have fun with.

If you're into slaughter maps, maybe this will seem great to you. I think the enemies falling into an invisible hurt box and the player having so few choices for killing them really hurts its efficacy as a kill map.

Like most robooto maps, it's an ugly thing that barely qualifies as a test map. I don't recommend it.

Worth mentioning this shows up as a sideshow at the end of normall1.


  • If you're looking to kill headcrabs, zombies, and bullsquids then that's definitely going to happen here
  • Grenades were a nice touch, credit where it's due


  • The map is a toy, but it is tedious. A toy should not be tedious.
  • Killing these monsters the same way over and over gets old fast.
Score: 1 / 10
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