Map Review of spynzlersplatter

by GrandmasterJ | April 17, 2022 | 1773 characters

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This map consists of a spawn area with a couple miniguns and three piles of grenades and on the other side of an instant kill wall is a steep slope with enemy spawners at the top. This is not enough for more than two players to massacre these monsters at once. The monster spawners drop a bullsquid and a zombie along with a ton of headcrabs. It is a little more difficult to hit the headcrabs with the minigun, but the slop stops grenades in their tracks and it is fun and easy to explode all the monsters. The map description says the wall will kill most of the monsters and it does, only one headcrab managed to get through when I was playing.

My teammate noticed that this map is included in its entirety in Normall1. I don't think this changes my impression of this map much, maybe if I had known then I would have made a much shorter review that simply said "this map is included in Normall1, I'm not making a separate review" and not bothered to play this map again. But I did, it took maybe about two minutes before I was completely done with it but I played it.

I don't recommend this map, there are better horde maps out there. But I do really like how the slope stopped those grenades, that's a good angle for grenading enemies.


  • the slope stopped grenades perfectly


  • overdone idea done blandly
  • not much to fill a level it's a side attraction in a different map
  • headcrabs and miniguns were not the best pair
  • the kill wall doesn't work 100% of the time
Score: 2 / 10
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