Map Review of wolf3dlvl1

by GrandmasterJ | April 17, 2022 | 1905 characters

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Wolfenstein 3D is an old game, one of the first FPS games ever made. The first level is iconic to many gamers and its done pretty well here. There are some obvious differences like the HECU not acting at all like the standard brown shirts, difference in weapons, and there are some additional rooms added behind the cell door walls, usually with goodies.

Personally I've seen a lot of Wolf3D's first level so I don't have much to say about the level design. I will say I always thought the original Wolf3D's level design was pretty easy to get lost in and I feel the same way about this level, but it's not big enough to ever be a real problem. Also the secret doors reset and can be difficult to navigate at times.

We found the elevator to the secret level and there was a level change to it, but of course the map was never made. It shows that maybe this was going to be part of a whole recreation of Wolfenstein3D.

Overall it was short and sweet. I don't see much appeal to players who are not fans of Wolfenstein3D, gameplay is rather flat, level design is as simple as it gets, and the level doesn't play the same outside the wolf3d engine. Its a fun novelty to experience once or twice.


  • Recreates the level design of wolf3d very well
  • fans of wolf3d will have fun experiencing it
  • short, in this case that is a very good thing, it doesn't get old and ends when it should


  • wolf3d level design does not play great in goldsrc
  • apart from the level design and textures nothing else has been done to sell the setting
  • secret doors reset, unlike in wolf3d. and it causes problems
Score: 5 / 10
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