Map Review of wolf3dlvl1

by dunkelschwamm | April 17, 2022 | 2688 characters

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Wolf3dlvl1 is a remake of the groundbreaking E1M1 of Wolfenstein 3D, also known as Level 1. E1M1 of Wolf3d was the first experience many had in 1992 of 256-color first-person gameplay with characters resembling humans- and we blew their nazi brains out.

Wolf3dlvl1 takes Wolfenstein 3D's mechanics and massages them to create a more enjoyable experience when the level is transitioned into Sven Co-op. For example: there are more enemies now, and those enemies are far more capable than the brownshirts originally featured in Wolfenstein 3D. The HECU have AI that allows them to massage a situation more than the Wolf3d guard ever did- however, they also pack a lot less of a punch, as one gunshot from a guard around a corner you didn't think to check could spell destruction in Wolf3d. The dogs are also replaced outright, as a charging enemy who dies in one shot is a non-threat in a game like Sven. Instead, they are now bullsquids. These changes help a lot, as navigating the corridors of Wolfenstein 3D is a lot harder to stomach with the Sven Co-op character speed (and the dead silence, but we'll get back to that).

Further, there is an addition of more weapons, and armor, befitting the loadout of Sven Co-op which prevents tedium. It's helped that the prison cage doors now open to these stashes. Sometimes they even have zombies in them. These little twists are fun, and keep the map from being a stale port of a very basic game's basic map.

I really think that door sounds or music would have helped. The silence is deafening. I played music just to fill the eerie void in the environment.

The map layout is very faithfully recreated, otherwise. One accidental feature is that pushwalls reset, so you have to activate them from behind if you get trapped inside a secret area, threatening to get crushed as it is retrieved. Also, it's a bit of a bummer that the final secret gives the player a rocket launcher after there are no enemies left to use it on.

If you're looking to play a fun revisit of an old classic with a friend or on your server list, Wolf3dlvl1 is a good fit! I hope more come out in the future.


  • Wolf3d but Sven!
  • All of the additions add to playability


  • Secrets are kind of lamely implemented
  • Fighting HECU grunts in the Wolf3d layout, for all that's done to improve things, is still a bit clunky
  • The silence is deafening
Score: 6.8 / 10
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