Map Review of source-of-life

by RNG | September 17, 2011 | 2959 characters

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This review is for Beta 1.

Another Sence map released again with a whole different setup, after the overly stuffed pool of memes that is Cranxhax and simultaneously with small, scripted civil war map 1742. I found this map to be most interesting of the releases so far, and alot less with redundant ideas.

Even the startup room is different for change: displaying the large map logo (made by me), instead the goddamn mambo song from other maps which i still dont get. The map starts with a slowmo chasing sequence where players dramatically hurry to rescue the source of life. This would been better if there was any music in the part, instead when i first played it, i thought everyone was running on quicksand.

Of course Source of life is failed to rescue and WORLD TURNED TO DARK PLACE. Players now have to search the way in a town where then after, weird shit starts to happen in rest of the map. Story drowns for a long time which is a fresh change. The map is filled with strange sequences ranging from preventing mind control and music synced cutscenes, which brings to probly most weird choice of music for medieval map: Drum and Bass, I didnt really find problem with that but when sometimes theres nothing really happening and music just goes BOOM SLAM BOOM SLAM BOOM BOOM.

Lots of changes in scenery start to occur and constant swift of models and music, and its probly time to bring the most biggest issue in the map to light. Obviously Sence tries to bite way too large slice of pizza and cover itself all the models, textures, sound effects and animations, which results in lots of rapid quality changes in stuff i mentioned. This could been mostly avoided when utilizing the HD models Sven Co-op offers for FREE, uncredited and the now large selection of fine textures. I have no complaints agaisnt the sounds other than the scene in startup that plays Xen teleport sound, thus making me joke about Dark lord teleporting away to Xen whenever that happens.

Overally the map is packed with action and some freaky moments but alot of non-story related oddities, far more better than Cranxhax. I just still find the playermodel most funny and one monster that moves like gingerbread man.
Then again this is still a betamap and lots of stuff probly meant to be so, but if there isnt much of change in final version, i will make stuff better.



  • Ruthlessly abandoning the story onwards
  • Unusual choice of music
  • Music synced cutscenes
  • Melee action


  • General quality of models and textures, some even fall into being ridiculous
  • Unusual choice of music
  • Some architectural laziness and lack of reference
  • End boss bit too easy, eventhough scripted well
  • The story is pretty funny otherwise
Score: 7.2 / 10

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