Map Review of apache-battle-2

by GrandmasterJ | April 23, 2022 | 2521 characters

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I played Apache Battle right before playing this one and I thought it was terrible. The sequel was an official map way back in the Sven Co-op 1.3 release so I thought it would be much improved. Instead, it has only marginally improved.

My major complaint about the first map is the lack of weapons to deal with the threats, this is a trend that continues in the officially released sequel. There are grenades in the spawn area, a shotgun on the roof and in full view of the eponymous Apache, and some HEV chargers on the wall in addition to the HEV batteries. There is one box of shotgun shells in the spawn area, and the whole map really. So the supplies are better, but not by much and still nowhere near adequate.

The level is designed a bit better but its still not great. The spawn area now has only one exit door and the button is across the room. Pressing the button makes the front door open very slowly. The ladder to the roof how has a little overhang over it to provide almost no cover from Apache fire. There is a new teleporter in the corner, walking over it teleports players onto a cliff with a corpse and grenades. That's it, there is nothing else here, especially not cover against the helicopters. To get down players have to jump and take considerable fall damage, its the worst place to be in the map.

The turret is still here, it is slightly better and we did manage to actually kill the apache much easier than in the first map. When the Apache died two more took its place and we killed those too. No more appeared, but the human grunts kept coming so we called the game there.

It is definitely an improvement over the last game but still not very fun to play. The chronic lack of good weapons hampers the combat but at least there is plenty of HEV so we don't die immediately. There actually seemed to be an end too, not a map end, but a time when we stopped having to deal with Apaches.


  • The map is beatable fairly easily with two players
  • plenty of HEV


  • the teleporter in spawn dumps players on a useless ledge and have to take fall damage to get off
  • no weapons that will help take down an Apache
  • no ammo
  • I did not like using the mounted gun to take down these helicopters
Score: 3 / 10
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