Map Review of apache-battle-2

by dunkelschwamm | April 23, 2022 | 1764 characters

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Apache Battle 2 is like Apache Battle 1, but with a few seemingly minor changes that make a lot of difference.

The map revolves around battling apaches using meager ammo, prompting mad sprints across a mostly coverless battlefield to a huge mounted gun to target the apaches. All the while, grunts harass with grenades and superior firepower.

This differs from the previous map by giving the player grenades, shotguns, a teleporter to a useless ridge that they must jump off of, and better HEV chargers than last time. This buys it some points, but I think the HEV is largely wasted on the larger map trekking through no-man's land to the mounted gun to fire meaning I spend more time getting shot. I feel like overall it kinda just balances out.

When we played there was an apache, we killed it, and then two more apaches appeared and then we killed those. It was all HECU grunts from there on out.

The map doesn't look great. I think the larger scale makes the vacuous space of Apache Battle look worse, especially the structures and rock formations. The rock formations can also be clipped through to crawl in the level's walls like a ghoul.

The map is certainly what it says on its tin. I don't recommend it though


  • HEV and a gun
  • Fighting apaches, as advertised
  • The mounted gun is still cool


  • Miserable battlefield
  • Some new additions ( cough the teleporter) barely make sense
  • The map just kinda ends? Is broken?
  • Still not enough ammo
Score: 2.8 / 10
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