Map Review of only-fun

Map review of Only Fun

by GrandmasterJ | April 23, 2022 | 2070 characters

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Onlyfun promises much, but delivers little.

There are three spawn areas in the map. At first my teammate and I both spawned in the top one, there was no indication on how to get out so we ran around hitting everything with our crowbars. Eventually the floor gave out and we fell to the level below, which happens to be where our second spawn point was. Here was a doorway to a green room with many headcrab zombies and a gonarch. The only weapons in the level are at the third spawn point, which is far above the elevator past a twisting passageway full of passive Barneys. The end of this hallway terminates at the top of the room the other two spawn points are in, jumping down will kill you. Luckily this spawn point allows players access to trip mines and the tau cannon, the latter of which is how we got down the the floor below, tau jumping.

The fight with the gonarch was a pain. I placed some trip mines down early and wiped out 95% of the zombies but the gonarch kept coming. My teammate spawned inside the gonarch and died instantly three times in a row. I spawned way up in the air at the first spawn a couple times ina row and died on impact. The spawn area is awful.

The map is short and is pretty bad. The spawn points are bad, they cut players off from resources, kill players on spawn, and generally don't help play at all. The enemies are presented in the form of a clump and killing them doesn't do anything. The map is boring and pointless with a side of malicious intent by the author.


  • I thought using the tau cannon to soften a player's landing was a pretty cool puzzle solution


  • spawn points get the players killed
  • weapons are only at one spawn point and are not accessible if you spawn elsewhere
  • combat is boring and uninventive
Score: 1 / 10
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