Map Review of apache-battle-3

by GrandmasterJ | April 24, 2022 | 2424 characters

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The Apache Battle maps are the same concept, killing respawning apache helicopters in an arena. The arena is somewhat similar between maps with this version having the most complex arena. There is a chasm in the middle, a narrow intact bridge and a broken wide bridge are the only ways across. On the other side is a platform with a missile turret on it, this is almost mandatory to have any chance against the apache.

The spawn area has been expanded but still has pretty much the same supplies as the first two maps, grenades, shotguns and shells, and HEV. The HEV is immensely useful but the shotgun is no help against the helicopter. There are soldiers who will run in behind the rocket turret and the shotgun does help with them. Now the ladder in spawn doesn't just lead to the roof, but multiple stories with the ground floor, supply room, turret room, and observation room. The turret room has a machine gun that did almost nothing to the helicopter and is hard to aim. The observation lounge just has a big window.

After we had destroyed one apache two more spawned in. We thought this was the next challenge but halfway through that fight the map ended with 24 minutes still on the clock. So the map ends on killing a single apache but still spawns in more? This is an old map so I feel like something broke somewhere here.

Overall I guess its fine. Usually what I look for in an arena map against respawning foes is a fun variety of ways to kill my prey. This map, and series as a whole, seems to be set on having one way to kill the helicopter, using the turret. The lack of weapons powerful enough to damage the helicopter is proof of this. The map ends after one helicopter by design or by bug. The first two maps felt like bad attempts at arena maps, this map feels like a bad attempt at a puzzle boss fight.


  • The rocket turret was really good at blowing up the apache helicopter
  • the spawn area was robust and had fun rooms and turret
  • plenty of HEV


  • no decent weapons to fight the apache
  • since the map ends after destroying a single apache its not really a horde map despite it respawning
Score: 3.5 / 10
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