Map Review of apache-battle-3

by dunkelschwamm | April 24, 2022 | 3143 characters

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Apache Battle 3 is the third in an unnecessarily long line of maps which repeatedly ask the question: is fighting a seemingly neverending onslaught of apaches with clunky mounted turrets while woefully underequipped fun? I say unnecessarily long line because it seems each map comes to the same answer: eh, not particularly.

Like the previous maps, Apache Battle starts with the players in a base where they can grant themselves some limited equipment and stock up on HEV before facing the apache hell which awaits outside. This map has the most interesting take on the spawn base, though, as instead of being a really boring structure in the middle of a really boring rock pit, this time it's a multi-floored lair occupying one end of a long pass. The fortress has four floors, glass observation windows (which the apaches can and will explode with judicious use of rockets), a turret, and the aforementioned restock room. All of this is accessed via a ladder in the back of the fortress, which is funny to look back on as the same kind of ladder at the back of the fortresses in apache battles 1 and 2 which would lead to the fortress's roof (and certain death by apache).

Across the way, there's respawning grunts and another turret, this time one which fires missiles. The missile firing turret is harder to hit the apache with directly, but does tons of damage. You gotta run through hell of apaches and grunts to get there, and when you do, I can't be sure that it's worth it as neverending apaches end up coming in and carpet bombing you from your position. You could consider this an "attack/defend" cycle, but it feels more like grinding against inevitability while claiming hollow victories to me.

The map is brushed fine. I think the turrets and the architecture are at the coolest they ever have been for the apache battle series, but that's not saying a lot. The choice of textures is just fine as far as what I think it was trying to evoke, but none of it was particularly interesting enough to leave striking images in my head or anything.

The weapons on display are pretty useless for the occasion, again. I don't understand if this is an intentional thing to force the players to grab the turrets, but if that's the case why do they only have a couple in a map for *Sven Co-op*, which is meant for cooperative play? The decisions here don't make sense and hinder the map from being a fun playground.

If you want a really quick map about just killing some apaches really quick, this is the map for you.


  • Fun looking turrets
  • Good HEV room
  • Fun architecture in the spawn area
  • Fun idea with the glass being broken by the apache's missiles, making the safe areas a little less safe


  • Turrets are unweildy
  • No good guns for fighting the apache without using the turrets
  • Just kind of dull in my assessment
Score: 4.8 / 10
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