Map Review of garghouse2k

Map review of Garg House

by dunkelschwamm | April 24, 2022 | 2391 characters

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Garghouse2k is an endless combat map starring a garg, a warehouse (technically a house), an escalating series of events which makes combat more and more complex and intense. First you have a garg running around, then you have bullsquids, then the HECU invade, and then vortigaunts and alien grunts join in the fray- needless to say, things get pretty crazy.

Players spawn in a separated balcony where they can lord over the battle with mutual impunity. However, after jogging through a teleporter the players are thrust into the action on the ground level with the garg. All around there are weapon pickups, only a couple of which will be even the slightest bit effective against the garg.

Here's a tip about fighting the garg: don't. He respawns as soon as you kill him. Spend your ammo on anything else, as they take longer so you can contribute more to controlling the battlefield. If anything, the goal is really to find your way around despite the garg, or to bait it into a swarm of hostile entities where it can do the most damage. Eventually a gonarch starts spawning in, but the garg seems to be on mostly friendly terms with it.

Up above there's some wacky shit with a wire gondola, a zombie room, some secret weapons if you use a longjump you can find on a corner crate, a ledge with a bullsquid- it's all a lot safer than staying below, but once alien grunts become common nowhere is safe (except behind the HECU grunts' APC, as that tunnel makes a really superb hidey hole.

If any of that sounds great to you, give it a run. It's not exactly my thing, but I think it's pretty interesting.


  • Nonstop action
  • The longjump makes a lot of this navigable
  • The escalation of chaos is pretty cool
  • Lots of weapons just lying everywhere


  • Enemies respawn so fast they might as well just be invincible
  • Since the central enemy is the garg, half of the arsenal feels inappropriate
  • Once the alien grunts start piling up they suck the life right out of the party
  • The stuff with the gondola and the longjump puzzles up above the battlefield was wonky and weird
  • Gets old super fast
Score: 6.8 / 10
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