Map Review of the-turret-fortress

by RNG | September 17, 2011 | 3138 characters

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Nih has come up lately with pretty complex horde type maps like Dead Simple Neo and Jumpers. Yet those maps are better than just hordemaps because they add new gameplay systems, maybe not Dead Simple Neo that much of.

But this one is completely different, a enormous map with new engineering ridden complex gameplay system and billion entities. Also packed with tons of strategy aspects. First thing you will immediately notice of how complex the map is and it can take really long to get into, hence different roles players have to choose to play: People have to organize through level, this mostly depends on player amount.
First time i played this map i had absolutely no idea of what ever was supposed to do, serves as common fate for regular sven player that is used to common maps.

The gameplay consist of building turrets, hence the name. No weapons and physical interaction with enemies other than occasional chopper that has to be taken down with a mounted gun. Enemies rush in waves on "red carpet" that gets deadly when wave starts, they are only killed by the turrets players have built and maintained. There are obscene amount of choices of how one player can take part in the map, then again choosing your role wisely is the one key of success.

Roles define of players patrolling on certain sectors while a pack of people responsible of the command center itself, buys turrets and then sends them to mechanics or couriers or whatever fuck do i call them. The so called mechanics direct turrets that are packed in boxes to different sections, where partolling players ready with pipe-wrench (only weapon in the map) move them and deploy them before wave starts.

Then again, gameplay isnt just limited to managing turrets: sometimes machines that maintain power to turrets or systems, malfunction and need replacement parts. Thats when players gonna hurry to go fix stuff before half sector is screwed, challenge i say.
Or enemy hacks the command center and causes some extra trouble.

The visual side of this map is amazing for just HL textures, with addition of the "Doom" sky from Counter-strike that adds atmosphere and the fact of map being just big big big complex made of concrete. Music consists of quiet ambience which partly fits the map's enviroment but sadly its just one song that gets really repetitive, thus whole map starts to dullify alot after longer than average session.

Im afraid to give that high score because the monotomous aspects in atmosphere, hard learning and not so interesting ending after all. Still the best horde map ever.

And pardon me. Sentry turrets, not those ceiling-floor assholes


  • HUGE
  • Multiple ways to be played
  • Probably most cooperative map on Sven Co-op
  • Hideously Challenging


  • Probably the highest learning curve on a Sven Co-op map
  • Lack of variation in music
  • A bit dull ending
  • Sometimes the urge to use a weapon but such dont exist
Score: 7.5 / 10

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