Map Review of uni

Map review of Uni

by Sence | September 18, 2011 | 1129 characters

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Uni is a mix of horror mindfuck and art, inspirated by the Yumi nikki game.
It was created 1 year ago and is still pretty equal to RNGs new maps.
It has some emotional songs in it and is designed very well. For me it had many inspirations in it. Well lets get to the map itself. Uni is based on a dream. You start in your home at night, to start the map you need to go to bed. So after you fell asleep you wake up in some weird place. Bizzare houses made of wood surround while the silent dark ambient is playing. The lack of light fits the map very well but sometimes you don't see where you need to go. But that's the only negative thing i could think of. After you explored the map a bit more. It gets even more bizarre and even a bit violent. Make sure you bring your flashlight!


  • Very well designed.
  • Nice use of custom content.
  • Fitting envirement


  • No flashlight.
  • It's a bit empty afterall.
Score: 8.6 / 10

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