Map Review of ktivt

Map review of KTIVT

by GrandmasterJ | May 27, 2022 | 3955 characters

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This is a recreation of a college in Russia, presumably the mapper's alma mater. I have just got to say, the map description is a joy to read. Everything about this map is endearing from the map page, the author's comments, and the very simple and inelegant map design.

The map does look blocky and rough. Door textures are sometimes backwards and none of the doors are actually doors, they are all breakables. Everything has really thick edges and makes all the details, especially the chairs, look like they are made out of thick plastic, like all the furniture is made for children. The texturing is pretty flat too which does not help matters. Since the layout is based on a university each floor has almost the same design and it was very easy to think you've visited a floor when you haven't. I suppose breaking the doors helps a lot with marking places you've already been, but late in the game when we were really picking around to find secret areas, which we did find a few, the map was really blending together and there weren't really great landmarks to distinguish areas from each other.

I start off with my biggest criticism but literally everything I complained about has its own kind of charm. The map gameplay is simply blowing down doors and killing whatever is inside, each door in the map is equally breakable so you can take whatever path you want. Friendly HECU, Barnies, and scientists run around getting in the way, the more Sven I play the more cartoonish these scientists feel. It combines into this wacky gameplay where we are fighting not only the enemies but also trying to save these cartoon characters in something that looks like it's made out of thick plastic. All the computers, wall decorations, and books are breakable so that is very fun. All the chairs are pushable too.

I had a lot of fun. The scientists were actually useful in some areas, giving my teammate and I healing when we were apart and one even tried to revive me before I accidentally clicked and respawned. The HECU and Barneys even killed one or two enemies. The scientists absolutely got in the way a lot but killing them or letting them die doesn't actually lose the game. There is no end to the game and there is no way to lose the game, so the scientists are just kind of there. In fact, once my teammate and I killed all the enemies we went through the whole place and killed all the scientists.

I should also mention that there are some good weapons in the spawn area along with enough ammo for one person to be reasonably equipped. We did have the all too common problem that when I grab all the loot my teammate gets nothing. There are no shortcuts or new spawn areas but the map is fairly small and I didn't feel like the distance was ever too far to get back to where I want to be, I did get turned around from the map looking the same throughout.

This map looks rough but I think that aesthetic fits what the map is. It's a fun map full of allies and enemies and you can go around killing them all however you wish. The map is full of interactivity like breakable details and pushable chairs too. I wish it had an end, but I am so grateful that I don't actually have to save any of the scientists that I don't even care.


  • This map has an old school "this is my first map" charm
  • you don't actually have to protect the scientists
  • the scientists in this map have been shockingly helpful, even the Barnies
  • lots of interactivity via the breakable objects and pushable chairs


  • The map does not look good
  • The map really does not look good
  • the map doesn't have an end and after the map is cleared it loses charm and becomes confusing
Score: 6 / 10
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