Map Review of richard-boderman

by RNG | October 8, 2011 | 1960 characters

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Because that other review of this map that was SHIT, i had to write something myself.

First i remember this map, i thought what the hell is with the name. Richard Boderman is apparently some really old Svencoop aprils fools joke that has made to be an antagonist in his self-titled map. The map's basically a very large mountain battlefield
with a NPC war going on between forum admins and regulars (Hezus, Turrican, A1win etc.), the other side being "brainwashed".

As you try get inside the large rock, killing forum members multiple times, your movement is in narrow roads, hanging on ropes horizontally/vertically and a helicopter.
This map sure fits in mostly sniping majority of people from cliffs while others rush in inside, i never really figured out the full pattern of this map as i was just killing more and more npcs until someone magically activates the bossbattle, that is some robot if i remember. And then, Richard Boderman himself, which has to be one of most hardest and funniest bosses ever, also makes you have to change your tactics completely.

The map has music in one spot, at the trenches. A button that says WAGNER, which activates the symphony Flight of The Valkyries. Adding more to the feeling of Vietnam? jungle warfare into it, too bad its the only goddamn song in the map.

Most fun i had in this map is to kill endless amount of famous characters in the map because i am a guy like that. second, GET TO THE CHOPPA

And third, steroids.


  • Boderman himself
  • The strange joy of killing admins and forum regulars
  • Complex layout


  • Flight of The Valkyries over and over and over again
  • Never really figured out what to do besides killing stuff, might just be me
  • Seems to take forever sometimes
Score: 7.1 / 10

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