Map Review of crusher

Map review of Crusher

by GrandmasterJ | May 30, 2022 | 2319 characters

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Crusher is an old school map from the early days of Sven Co-op. The main attraction is a large crushing machine with five scientists that spawn endlessly right in the machine's jaws. The button to activate the crusher is a massive cube, it was not apparent that it was a button at first, but I think the giant button was fitting. If you stand on the button and press it you can jump into the machine just in time!

There is a hallway that goes around behind the machine with another button for the crusher and two spawners that makes about fives scientists and five Barneys each. We led all the Barneys into the machine and mulched them all at once, it was pretty fun. That was the entire challenge of the map, leading the NPCs to where we wanted them. There were also these pits with ladders and scientists and Barneys spawning in. We couldn't lead them into the machine and there was no ammo or weapons in the map so we didn't really engage with them much.

The machine itself is blocky and rough looking but it totally works, it's a crushing machine from 2000. When the machine hits a scientists it stops for a bit before he splatters and it moves on. That gives it a feeling like it's really mashing bodies together. The gibs also spray onto the ground and can sometimes float in midair, it looks, sounds, and feels sick. I'm sure it wasn't the author's intention to make the machine behave like that and it is just the goldsrc engine at work, but the overall effect the crushing machine had was very satisfying.

It is a small map, there isn't much else. The crusher was very fun, smashing those scientists, Barneys, myself, and my teammate satisfies my need for cartoonish violence. This is exactly the kind of wacky gimmick map I expect from old school Sven Co-op.


  • The main attraction works great
  • there is some side stuff that keeps things interesting for a while longer


  • weapons or ammo would have helped. I would have liked to grenade the NPCs in the pits
  • map was a little on the bland looking side
Score: 8 / 10
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