Orgasmic puzzles with a boner killing end

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by RNG | October 25, 2011 | 2930 characters

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Holy bollocks, is this hard puzzle map. Well to say most pure puzzle map that is made by Stream so far, might just be last for while. The map has very iconic clean architecture, no enemies or NPCs at all (Devs gonna hate), music taken from a classic amiga/DOS game, this time its Epic Pinball that is a game i happen to remember playing before Balls of Steel.

Eventhough the puzzles are a brainstorm, theyre designed for 2 players in mostly.
At then, the map is at the most challenging. But then, Sven Co-op is at best with 2-4 players so fuck the public servers with 15 players doing XP mod. What i simply mean is that difficulty is once again still determited by amount of players, atleast in half the map where ever you face pool of acid and a forcefield. But boy is this hard luxury with two players, but sure is rare to have more than two players on a public server. Sadly even three will make certain puzzles more easier and lose half of the purpose from it.

One exception is the cart puzzle where exactly 2 players control each others carts through forcefields, i remember this almost being impossibly hard. Eventhough now its at very humane level, it still requires proper co-op and timing from the 2 players that wanna do it. Otherwise the map consist of timed or triggered jump, lifting, timing puzzles that makes you actually think unlike the no-brain experience of most Sven maps.

Each "section" is separated by bunch of elevators. After every elevator, music changes but there is one weird thing, the elevators also include a seamless teleport, which may cause the telefragging if there is lot of people. That is bit annoying but rather harmless consequence regarding new spawnpoint opens when elevator is at finish.

After all those hell of complex puzzles that gets you probably turned on, flattens the shit out of you after the last elevator scene. As the map is so pure of word PUZZLE, it leaves you wonder why the hell was all of that about as there was no purpose or information and just abruptly "traditional" ending. Then again that allows me to joke about if the server changes the map to toonrun, or Toadsnatch in future.
Did the elevator just bring us to a cartoon? Or in Terminator_run?

But shit, this is what is a fucking Co-op map and should be official. Other Co-op maps can suck it.

Orgasmic Puzzles with a bonerkilling end.


  • The puzzles, oh my
  • Epic Pinball game music, i dont remember the songs but sure the game gives nostalgy
  • Play it with just 2 players and its intensively hard as it should be


  • Might be annoying to play with ping higher than 150
  • The music seems to get more boring at the end
  • Maybe too much of the laserfield lift puzzles
Score: 8.3 / 10

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