Map Review of zombie-survival-subway

by GrandmasterJ | June 4, 2022 | 2128 characters

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Zombie Survival Subway is pretty much the most standard zombie experience a Sven Co-op player could ask for. Players start in a room with some weapons, sniper rifle, M16 (sans grenades), shotgun, and desert eagle. There are green portals that players walk through to drop into the arena itself.

The arena is a sectioned off part of the subway to two derelict subway cars next to each other. The whole area is very well detailed, which from the credits plaque in-map and from what the map description says, this map was ported from Counter-Strike Nexon. I think the zombie models and animations are from Nexon as well, it all looks really good together. There are some areas the zombies have a very hard time getting into, like inside the subway cars or on the ledges that run along the sides of the tunnel. You can also get on top of the crates blocking off the rest of the tunnel thanks the the climbing mechanic. There isn't really anything to see over there.

There was this weird issue I had with the zombie moans getting played on top of each other continuously and loudly, it got so bad I turned my volume almost all the way down to cope. There is also this transparent crate that spawns 9mm ammo when it breaks, but players don't have a weapon that uses 9mm.

The map doesn't end, it just spawns zombies endlessly. It got pretty boring for me. But the arena is well designed and looks nice. Players are given sufficient weaponry and an ok amount of ammunition. If you like endless zombie hordes then there are worse maps out there.


  • straightforward zombie action
  • nice looking arena
  • great custom models and animations, the zombies do feel like a threat


  • Weird sound issues, for me at least
  • the only ammo resupply in the map was for a weapon we don't have
  • the sealed off tunnels are easily accessed
Score: 5.5 / 10
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