Map Review of zombie-survival-subway

by dunkelschwamm | June 4, 2022 | 2842 characters

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Zombie Survival Subway is a Nexon zombie survival map in Sven without the cool Nexon weapons or enemy variety. Players fight swarms of sprinting medium-tier zombies who make, I think, some of the most annoying sounds in a Sven map yet. Players get their weapons in a spawn room (instead of spawning the player with them already in possession, as most Nexon maps usually have the good sense to do), and does little to resupply them as they battle an endless onslaught of mediocre enemies.

The big selling point is the visuals, as is often in Nexon maps. The map centers around two subway cars which are mostly repurposed for use in a semi-flooded subway station full of junk and zombies. For Goldsrc it looks great, and the zombie models aren't half bad either. However, the facade falls apart in some places, especially where the visuals aren't protected with intelligent boundaries set by the map porter, allowing players to jump out of the map in at least four areas that I counted. While the brushwork and textures generally look great, there's some confusing visuals, like the ammo crate being drawn with an additive effect. The water, similarly, seems to glow. While the map overall looks really good, weird details really throw it.

The combat itself is boring. At the very start, zombies seem to be very hard to push back against, but the moment the players learn the layout of the arena combat becomes trivial. That's an issue, because this one arena and its combat are consistent until the map runs out of time and the server can finally move on. The weapons are standard Sven weapons, and they're almost all pretty effective against zombies. However, once you run out of ammo, the ammo crate provided does not even provide ammo for any of the player's weapons. Blasting away zombies is fun for a couple of seconds, but nothing sustains it. The thought of playing this map for 80 minutes fills me with dread. If the players don't want to fight, they can crawl out of the arena area in the four corners of the map.

Out of all of the zombie horde maps I've played, I wouldn't recommend this one. It's boring, its visuals don't save any of it, and the combat is weak.


  • The visuals are pretty nice
  • The idea of a flooded subway tunnel with two subway cars for an arena is alright
  • Shooting zombies with a shotgun at point blank is always fun.


  • The real meat of the combat is boring and repetitive
  • Map goes on way longer than is worth
  • The map is janky and contains out-of-bounds exploiting
  • Broken ammo, boring guns
Score: 4.9 / 10
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