Map Review of dead-dungeons

by Shattered Heart Lynx | November 20, 2011 | 1943 characters

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At first… I saw it like a regular Horror-like type of map, so, I wanted to try it out. I installed it on my server (oh, no res file by the way, so I had to supply one for myself) and started to play.

The map had no MOTD file so you have no clue how did you get there and what do you need to do… just 'Play and Follow your Insctints'. You start in some kind of abandoned house, very creepy. With my friends, we started to investigate. The first thing we encounter is a Zombie (models and sounds very fitting) but we had no weapons so we had to run away. After a while, we made it to the church, nothing interesting but a Panel with 9 buttons and some diagram with the same form, highlighting all but one of the buttons, at first, you think is so simple to press the button which is not highlighted, but no, there's three other diagrams like this one indicating which buttons you should press (at the same time). After doing that puzzle, a carpet in the church started to move, revealing a secret passageway. "Great, let's go for it". We had to move some statue to the underground to reveal a button, press the button, get down even more, and then find our first weapon, the Pipe Wrench. Then after a couple of lame puzzles we found our way some trains that lead us to a Rocket Silo (what!?). Press a button, and the rocket will fly away to the space. Do you think you're ready for some action right? Fuck you, the map is over, you we're trolled.


  • Nice Mapping of the Abandoned House
  • Fitting Zombie model and sounds (what's the matter anyway, you are going to see him once)
  • Detailed textures included (Yay!)


  • No action
  • No terror
  • Lame puzzles
  • No res file
  • No clues what to do, nor MOTD file
Score: 1 / 10

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