Map Review of arena-synthwave

by GrandmasterJ | July 16, 2022 | 2852 characters

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Arena Synthwave is a short and sweet map with some nice background music, a very retro 80's look, and some decent combat. Players start out in a small spawn room with some hard to read (neon green against neon purple) credits and a low poly and low resolution portrait of a counter-strike model. Two buttons on opposite ends of the room must be pressed at the same time to open up a wall and reveal a large neon sun. Walking through the sun spits players out in the arena.

The arena itself is very simple. It's a big bowl of uneven terrain, the raised areas around the sides vary in width and all looks very asymmetric and uneven. The ground texture is the same purple grid as in the spawn room and it is misaligned in very visible ways in some areas. There is a car in the middle where players drop in with the ammo backpacks around it and an uzi on the hood.

Combat starts soon, the first wave is baby gargantuas endlessly spawning in. After a while a big gargantua spawns in, we didn't know how to beat it with just uzis until my teammate discovered grenades and a rocket launcher in the vary corners of the map, hard to see against the floor texture. After the garg was dead Tor showed up. We died and respawned to find that there was now HEV power and a SAW among other things in the spawn room. There were other things but that was all we needed to kill Tor, we both ran right up to him and poured SAW fire directly into his face, he didn't last long. The last wave was bodyguards with dual uzis, for them I used the gluon gun to ghostbust them out of existence. A bodyguard with very high health showed up, I didn't quite catch what it was called, but I had to keep hitting him with the gluon gun for a long time before he died. Once dead, a friendly grunt spawned in and the map ended.

It was a fun map. I felt like the overall look was good but could have used some work, like maybe better texture alignment and a different texture for the spawn room. The combat was decent, I was a little concerned about the garg before we found the rocket launcher in a far off corner. I felt under equipped before we killed the gargantua. I really liked how it all came together, the music really adds to the experience.


  • Fun atmosphere, good music
  • Weapons and supplies unlock as the map progresses
  • the combat was solid
  • the ammo caches near the car in the middle of the map kept us well supplied the entire map


  • The main texture used can look a little flat since it's used on everything
  • there are misaligned textures in the main arena
Score: 7.5 / 10
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