Map Review of jurassic-park

by RNG | November 25, 2011 | 3364 characters

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This is review for the first version released. Also lot of spoilers as usual.

And so about dinosaurs, probably most rarely used subject in Svencoop. Addition to that, comes this map which isnt only about dinosaurs, its based on Jurassic park and plus titled Jurassic park itself. What happens is mainly from the scenes of a science center in the movie, i dont really remember what happened in the movie so i might be rusty or incorrect lots of times. But this time you ride in as sort of special force team of what i understand, in army truck and loaded with weapons basically ready to kill anything thats jumping in front of you.

So the storyline is basically original and not related to movie itself, first i stepped in a room with Triceratops stomping behind window and locked door. Hello first dinosaur, also weird shit is that there was photo of that scientist beardy guy from the movie lying on ground with locked door, no any idea why it was so.

Going to other side and walking alot until DINOSAURS start attacking, but wait i see a herbivore dinosaurs and what the fuck are they attacking us anyway? Illogical but then the raptors come and forces to start a gunfight pew pew, raptors i waited because i also re-textured them.

Its been while since i played the map so might go wrong in some places again. So all the dinosaurs killed on the parking alot, starts the huge consuming map moment of PUZZLES. I mean this is the point where the map like turns into puzzle, oh wait down in some HQ some baby raptors start attacking and then we rudely kill them with a fucking machinegun. Next meeting some guy (Okay spoilers) that is engineer wanting a suitcase or something, so we get a suitcase and bring to him. He turns out to be some evil doctor and runs away, so now your screwed.

To sum some stuff, after all this utter excessive running back and forth with the puzzles of the map. Makes me wonder what the fuck was the idea for all of that, comes to the most ironic issue of the map. NOT ENOUGH DINOSAURS, monsters never respawned twice to fill the map more.

Sure youll then get to meet T-rex itself that appears pretty small cause model-monster glitching, but just while ago you had got SAW and just blasted some baby dinosaurs with it till you have to switch in explosives, What a waste.
I had fun killing the evul sciencist at the end while t-rex was rumbling around though. Some memorable thing was the computer that would start repeating "A a aaaa….say the magic word", downside was that i never figured out what the fuck to do in that part.

The map is generally left pretty half-assed to play and gets boring, because actual intentional lack of action, in a map based on movie that has alot of action and being a classic. The music was from the movie as well lots of sounds including raptors and t-rex itself, they were well put in and dynamic so plus for that too.


  • Occasionally looks cool
  • When you get fighting dinosaurs
  • Sounds and music fit in the map dynamically


  • Most puzzles were pretty redundant
  • Ends in pretty much game_text
Score: 6.3 / 10

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