Map Review of red-pyramide

by dunkelschwamm | July 21, 2022 | 2528 characters

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Robootto does it again. red-pyramide is a baffling experiential digital space. Players may arm themselves as they find themselves encased with a red pyramid(e?) within a large silo of some sort, shallow liquid permeating the featureless base of it. A suspended walkway surrounds the very tip of the pyramid(e?) and extend bridges to meet in a circle around said tip. Up above, a shaft to the outside world directly above the pyramid(e?)'s tip drops freshly spawned zombies down into the tip. Players can use weapons from the surrounding area to combat these zombies if they wish. Maybe this works as a PvP map, though I can't really tell that that's the case because that's not how I played it. Falling into the tip of the pyramid just gets you stuck in the pyramid's shaft with zombies in the water. There's really nothing of importance to find, aside from a secret area that can (as far as I can tell) only be reached via noclip which houses a minigun and a sniper. But, to what ends? The zombies which endlessly drop into a nonarena?

Noclipping out of the map, I started finding big chunks of it encased in noob-boxes textured with blue cargo crates. Something about how the outside of the map kept expanding into more huge, empty areas that are for whatever reason conspicuously lit once you noclip out to them, it started creeping me out. Or giving me an ominous feeling, idk. I don't know if you call that liminal spaces or what. But that's when my comrade pointed me to the ambient noises- I can only described it as a combination of distant gunshot sounds and running water. It's incredibly dissonant. The peaceful water noise contrasted against the harsh sound of a destructive tool going off- with the alarming sound muffled and distant but the peaceful one almost drowning the gunshots out in its clarity. It's crazy how spooky the map can feel.

Anyway, it's a short nonsense map and I don't think I recommend it. It's mostly pretty ugly using textures from, I believe, toonrun to create a vaguely surreal setting that's meh. Nothing happens in it. Cool ambience.


  • Cool ambience
  • Strange architecture


  • Bad nonsense map full of pits that don't kill you but get you stuck
  • Nothing to it, no way to end?
Score: 2 / 10
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