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by RNG | April 4, 2011 | 1915 characters

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Wow another straight official horde type map from Nih. Dont get me wrong, jumpers is fun and Turretfortress is (i should been asked on doing importatnt variety to it though), but this map is like straight Terminator run done as complex map with complex ass entity system.

Very first thing when i tested this was WHAT THE FUCK IM SUPPOSED TO DO? Apparently i died in some point and spawned as ghost and wasnt able to do anything otherwise. Later i realized that the map is actually walkthrough and defense combined: half the players are supposed to defend this giant obelisk that looks like giant red dildo sometimes, other half is supposed to go on the walkthrough mission on large and often confusing pathways and huge rooms killing aliens and grunts.

Lots of times you have to use barnacle grapple on places, especially the giant room almost only dedicated to barnacle spots which was kinda fun if ever made that far.
Also secret grapple areas that are rather oddly crammed or just hard to get in otherwise.

The very first thing youll notice is that how unbearably ugly this map is, the whole huge battlemap is stuffed into outlook simplier than shopping mall kids playcorner. Most likely done on utter laziness, odd purpose or inspired by Terminator run map.

I like the defense/walkthrough fusion though, but god is the map banal. I wanna play Terminator run again because that was fun back then.


  • Walkthrough/Defence fusion is a damn simple idea but so horribly unused. Wish it was less straight horde though
  • Grappling
  • A life system huh


  • Horribly ugly on purpose
  • Lacks any kind of custom content besides the bright color poop
  • Requires lots of players
  • Oh god this is official
Score: 5.3 / 10

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