Map Review of sneed-s-seed-feed

by GrandmasterJ | July 28, 2022 | 3290 characters

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Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formerly Chuck's) is a location from the Simpsons, it's a store nearby the old Simpson Farm and pictures of two locals can be found by jumping out of the map and walking around the big noob box.

The map itself doesn't have much to do, but it does have a lot to look at. There is an NPC (not really Barney although the model is based off of him) that kind of wanders around the front and a scientist manning the register. Neither can be killed. The store has a lot of brushwork commodities on the shelves and there are tons of details like doorknobs and having the end of a curtain curl up slightly. When my teammate and I were noclipping around he found a tiny water tower placed pretty far away, we had to go back to the store to find out if we could even see it, we could just barely. The map looks really good and there is insane attention to detail here.

I will say though that all the details are solid. The doorknob blocks player movement and walking over the shelf full of merchandise results in a bumpy ride. My teammate was able to jump on top of the store from the exterior NPC's head and jump out of the map. The map is not optimized very well. In a map this size and complexity that isn't really a problem performance-wise, but did allow my teammate to escape and realize that there was indeed a big noob box around the whole map.

The gap that looks like the way to get behind the counter is too small for players to go through, so jumping over is the only option. The poor scientist cashier is trapped and can only cower in the face of my crowbar, but alas, he does not die. There is a door blocked by wood next to the register. The wood can be broken but breaking the wood does not unlock or open the door. There is probably a way to get it open, but I have not found it. Noclipping shows a model of a Sneed flag that bleeds when it gets hit.

In the store there is a crowbar on a shelf in the back, picking it up causes an explosion outside that creates a very suggestive hole down into some mines. Players drop down into the hole and walk through very pretty and very linear hallways until they get back outside. There is a truck here and a canyon that ends in an invisible wall. The map has no end.

The map was fun despite not much to do. The more I looked the more I noticed cool details and there is some very nice stuff to look at. Even the mines, which I did not mention much, had some real fun stuff to look at. There really wasn't much gameplay though, while there was progression and our route back to the store was cut off, there wasn't a game end. It feels like something unfinished or abandoned, so close to completion and playability to be both teasing and slightly frustrating.


  • Amazing detail
  • like really, there is some good detail here


  • Not optimized
  • not a lot of interactivity or a goal
  • no map end, even though there is an area that looks just like a map end
  • players can escape the map and walk around the sky
Score: 5.5 / 10
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