Map Review of assault-co-op

by dunkelschwamm | August 4, 2022 | 3032 characters

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Assault Co-op is essentially cs_assault but with a ton of blackops grunts. Is it good? Sure!

The map starts out a bit rough, with just a chaotic smattering of blackops snipers, grunts, and assassins firing on us right out of spawn. A ways from spawn, there's a weapons restock point. It's good that you can get a ton of ammo for the M16, Shotgun, and MP5 here, because there are no melee weapons should you run out of bullets. That really shouldn't ever be an issue in this map, thanks to this never-ending cornucopia of ammo. That said, the cornucopia is a bit off the beaten path and hard to find. Also there's no medkit, which is peepee poopoo.

What the map lacks at first is a solid counter to the numerous snipers in the area. If you can kill some of the snipers and run up and grab a sniper, you're set, but if you can run up and grab a sniper you are no longer at such a range from the snipers you're fighting that you need a sniper to fight them, so it's a redundant solution. Grabbing the snipers to fight the enemies moving forward is quite useful, though.

The goal of the map is to assault a warehouse, rescue the hostages (? they were dead when we got there and the map didn't seem to mind much), and kill the gangster boss. The route is simple: invade the warehouse, kill a ton of blackops guys and a whole bunch of turrets turrets as well as a miniboss, find the dead hostages, a truck drives in and drops off more guys, kill all of them, then run out to a side street and kill a super-powered bodyguard. Bouncing him all around the streets with our tons of underbarrel grenades was a hoot. Then the map ends.

The streets and warehouse are brushed out just fine. There is some action music that really accentuates the action atmosphere. The whole map works really well in my opinion, with a substantial threat countered by substantial means. Though the sniper area early on is a bit sloppy due to how the players are initially equipped, I think the whole thing is a lot of fun.

If you're looking for a good action map to quickly play through with a friend or on a server. Real fast, real loud, lots of opportunities for fun.


  • Great fast paced action
  • Lots of weapons and ammo for said weapons
  • The warehouse fight is a chaotic crossfire that's great fun to disassemble bit by bit
  • Bouncing the boss around with grenades is tons of fun
  • Assault makes a great fast action map
  • It even looks and sounds good - fun music


  • The snipers and enemies ganking players at the very beginning is very not poggers.
  • The ammo supply is not well signposted
  • I feel like this map is balanced really well around a sniper and it probably should have just given the players a sniper at the start
  • No melee weapons or medkit?
Score: 8 / 10
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