Map Review of assault-co-op

by GrandmasterJ | August 4, 2022 | 3373 characters

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Assault Co-op is the Counter-Strike map cs_assault with changes made to turn it into a Sven Co-op experience. I think it does this well with the appropriate amounts of high damage enemies, weapon and ammo stations, and even a some fun cutscenes, music, and story elements.

The map starts off and I'm getting shot while the map fades in. There are enemies directly in front of me but I'm actually getting shot from a sniper half the map away. Players start with just a pistol, I did not realize the green weapon crates near spawn actually contained weapons and ammo. There is nothing to indicate this, except maybe a single orange "ammo" on the wall near the ammo crates I didn't see until later. Using the big green crates will grant players a shotgun, M16, and Mp5. Using the small ammo crates grant players ammo, most importantly underbarrel grenades. I like this map but this is a terrible start.

Once I had the M16 and a full compliment of grenades I was able to start doing real damage. The map design itself is simple. If you've never played assault, players start outside a warehouse and have to go around a building to either the front or back of it and go inside. The back door is locked in this map, so players have to go around front. There are of course snipers on the roof and about a gazillion black ops soldiers in the warehouse itself. Turrets pop out of crates and create crazy crossfires. It's pretty hard to breach and the lack of any sort of health or armor in the map means players get worn down fast. There is a Terrorist Commander in the top room of the warehouse with 500 health serving as a miniboss.

One of the map objectives is to save hostages. Spoilers, the hostages are all dead. after entering the last room a message pops up demanding you kill the terrorist leader. A cutscene of a truck full of soldiers arriving plays. I got trapped in the cutscene but my teammate did not, probably because I triggered it. A new path opens up here, allowing access to a behind the scenes area that terminates weirdly into skybox and serves as the final arena for the terrorist boss, a bodyguard with really high health. After bouncing him around with grenades he dies and the map ends.

I had a lot of fun with this map. I am totally onboard for Counter-Strike maps filled with enemies and tweaked to work in Sven Co-op. There were some problems like getting sniped before the map fade in was complete, weapons that were not readily apparent, and the rough looking final area. But the action was amazing and the flow worked really well, there was some background music that set the mood and was very fun. I'm also really glad I didn't have to actually escort hostages.


  • Good supply of weapons and ammo at spawn
  • really fun old school Sven combat
  • I'm a big fan of underbarrel grenades and the ammo supplies kept me well supplied
  • great music
  • I'm so glad I didn't have to escort a hostage


  • players spawn in front of enemies
  • It is not apparent that weapons are accessed by using the crates
  • the final area could have been gussied up a bit
Score: 8.5 / 10
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