Map Review of rave-disco

Map review of Rave Disco

by GrandmasterJ | August 14, 2022 | 2995 characters

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This map is a confusing jumble of hallways and rooms. The map features nonsensical layouts, textures never meant to be walls used as walls, and secrets.

There are two spawn areas, one is situated in what I would call the beginning, and the other I would not. We spawned in the first area mostly, but then my teammate spawned in the second area and was very confused, so be aware of that. Spawn is what I assume to be a disco, with players trapped in glass cages on the dance floor. Blast out of the cage and head up past the weird red pole room and we enter a long hallway. About halfway down the hallway I noticed some light was coming through the wall, so I crowbarred the wall and it broke, revealing a shortcut to a bathroom. On the other side of the bathroom is a hallway. This map features two long hallways running in parallel.

Down the second hallway are a lot of doors to some wacky rooms, some have secrets, some have ammo, some have buttons that as far as we can tell do nothing. One door early on has a sign on the floor next to some computers. Using the sign will cause one computer to very slowly inch upwards revealing a way down. Through the small twisting path and we come to a room with a flock of boides circling the ceiling and a computer console in the middle, which acts as a button but we can't tell what it does. Up through some vents and I drop don into a room full of assassins and meet up with my teammate who went a different way.

My teammate skipped the slow computer console and explored the wacky rooms, the second to last wacky room hid a passage to a big firefight that culminates in a gonarch. Right after that is the room filled with assassins. So from the wacky hallway the map makes a big loop.

I should mention that there were a lot of buttons that apparently do nothing. We also noclipped around the level to see if we missed anything and we did, there were quite a few secrets.

The map wasn't too bad. It certainly isn't something I would consider very good, but it has good exploration and there are some good weapons scattered about and some ammo. There were some good combat sections, fun secrets, interesting sights, and a sense of progression that lasted until we realized the level made a big loop. The map looked pretty bad (I didn't even mention the Z-fighting doors) for the most part but there were some areas that looked decent and there was sporadic fine details that I thought looked pretty good.


  • Good weapon and ammo supply
  • good detail in places
  • good secrets


  • Two spawn areas, one makes sense and the other does not
  • overall bad looking map
  • long waits for buttons to be pressed
  • lots of buttons that seemingly do nothing
Score: 4.5 / 10
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