Map Review of auspices

Map review of Auspices

by Monkey-Knuckles | January 1, 2006 | 2853 characters

You start out on the outskirts of a remote military base. It is believed that the military personnel there have had their minds taken over by the aliens. Your squad has been sent in to "investigate the facility and neutralize all hostile forces". Since your middle name is "neutralize all hostiles", you feel this is right up your alley.

As you start, you must take out some grunts hunkered into two bunkers as well as some Pit Drones and Shock Troopers. There's also a pesky sniper who needs his skull re-arranged. After taking care of business outside you go down either thru a bunker entrance or a crater to an entrance to the base. You start to reconoit the inside of the base, be careful you don't die though, as a Volitgore has decided to set up residence near the spawning point.

In the building you must deal with Gonomes, Alien Grunts, Houndeyes, and Schock Troopers. Of course, you and your hearty band have no trouble traversing the corridors.

You will go thru pipe areas, caverns, vents, under rail tracks and eventually find your way to a storage room with a conveyor belt.

This room has a pretty tough crowd in it but your squad prevails. You are eventually led to a room with a hole in the floor. You must dive down into this cavern without drowning in the muck below, and kill all the aliens in this room.

Next you must enter the teleport spot in this cavern to go to the final room in the map. This is a very tough room so have plenty of friends with you when you teleport in. Besides Houndeyes, Schock troopers, and other assorted aliens, there is also two nasty mounted laser guns constantly bombarding the room.

I've been on this map many times where everyone just gives up as they are constantly being killed and having respawn and work there way back to the room to be killed again, sometimes without even without firing a shot. Anyway, when you finally do get the room cleared out and relatively safe, you all of a sudden have an enraged Garg to deal with. Needless to say the only potent weapon you have are nades.

I recently played this map with four players and it took over 2 hours to finally finish the map. However, persistence paid off. The very next day I played with 7 savvy players and it only took about 40 minutes.

I think this is a pretty good map. Some nice minor touches such as a message telling you your going the wrong way if you forget about the new teleport point. Every once in a while your going happily on your way and the floor crack underneath you and all of a sudden your in big trouble.



Score: 8.7 / 10
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