superstandard blackmesa update v.2359235

by RNG | April 4, 2011 | 2237 characters

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Another straightofficial map, thank you Nih. Dont really know why im reviewing this, mainly because i feel like reviewing maps that are official for change. Liking them or not, Luckily enough i find maps that are worth so which is very rare.

Basically you start in a electrified room with scientists and storything to tell, but i dont think theres much time for reading as door opens and ROOM WITH GUNS, then monsters all the sudden attacking you. Theres your story pretty much in-game. Shooting the shit out of everything for small moment.

After that you end up to room with computers and a aquarium, thats a nice combination. Then pretty much long hallways if i remember, theres also a trainstation which would been cool if it was dynamic and had some events because i like trainstations. Instead i pretty much got HW guy and or voltigore at the bottom of train alley, lol?

While other players were shooting around almost every monster that is in the game, i was trying to get myself minigun from the bottom of train pit, Puzzle was own made.
But then of course i got lost, like what happens almost immediately in the map if you look somewhere else than where other players go. Then your like 2 rooms behind for rest of the map which is pretty annoying. Or im just really bad trying to concentrate on maps if they arent my own.

First thing which even the name "Black Mesa" and ankward abbreviation EPF whatever it means tell, that there is no any kind of custom content in the map.
Ending is a sudden fadeout with text, how original.

Eventhough the map is about Black mesa (most overused anyway), doesnt mean your not allowed to ask people to donate you models, sounds, music, textures etc. or steal them, anything.


  • I see effort in architecture though
  • Getting minigun


  • Absolutely no effort on making the map unique or having anything new
  • Getting lost is the first thing youll do
  • Ending is blatantly generic too
Score: 5.6 / 10

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