Map Review of robo-s-disco

by GrandmasterJ | August 21, 2022 | 2697 characters

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There is a big car on some rails. I'm pretty sure the car is set to go forward only when somebody jumps off it, although my teammate swears there is a button angled weird around the front of the car. At the end of the rail there is a door, players can walk up and open the door themselves, but this will play the Jurassic Park music mentioned and ruin the whole moment like my teammate did. The song will not play again so I have to restart the map and run my teammate over (push him along harmlessly) to get the whole experience. Doors open, music blares, I glide over the disco floor in my car, I can see the rails Z fighting with the floor below me. The music cuts off right before I come to a complete halt in the middle of the dance floor, I try to jump but alas, I am stuck in the car. I press L and unstick myself but the cart starts moving backwards, I have to fight myself free and manage to do so, I turn just in time to see the car sink into the closed door, headlights disappearing last like two eyes shutting. This is what the author intended.

Beyond the disco room is a ramp up to the author's signature. In the previous room there was what looked like a mirror above the cart, this is an illusion made by mirroring the whole level and flipping it upside down. The top cart does not move with the bottom cart so it is easy to see through. At the end of the map here with the signature the map actually joins up with the top half, getting up there requires multiple people or some cheating. It's just a mirror of the bottom, that is it. The car does move in the same way, we had to noclip to figure that out.

Honestly, it's a fun piece of map to dissect and figure out what is going on, but doesn't really go anywhere. The architecture of the first room is nice though, there are some good textures being used and it is set up nicely. The disco room looks like trash.


  • It's a really fun idea, I did enjoy sweeping into a room with fanfare
  • the first room looks really nice
  • I think the mirror trick is done pretty well too, even if the cart didn't move as well.


  • this map is incomplete, like an intro to something bigger, but then it is over
  • the car is hard to activate
  • the mirror trick was only halfway done, it would have been easy to make the top carts move together
  • the musical entrance is the focus of the map, but it triggers only once and can be triggered too early
Score: 3.5 / 10
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