Map Review of sector-e

Map review of Sector E

by RNG | April 4, 2011 | 1940 characters

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Add Keen to Black Mesa and you got Crazyass Keen mesa and or best official Black Mesa map.

Map's originally made in 2000 and this is a massive remake of it, with all Keen style influences put in and lots of weird secrets. This map has alot of Keeny factors that easily make Momma mesa and Invasion cheap ripoffs, which they already were imo.

First map is a walkthrough of funky or cool events (Gascanister blowing through walls) and unusual secrets (Glass monster event etc.). Also different types of monsters, Jpolito's voice acting, odd teleporting HEV men. YOU DIDNT SEE THIS STUFF ON YABMA.

Second map is a Turret/Object Defence/Walkthrough type map, nothing is mandatory though and instead defending "important" objects will grant you bonuses like special monsters. Also a unusual pushable puzzle in it. Also there is music in it that ranges from old game music to remixed electro flicks that are randomed each time.

Third part is a massive stairway battle that still acts fair and guns do lots of damage that makes it intense same time as feeling that your guns actually kill something.
God the final boss had to be most hilarious thing for while. I try not to spoil much eventhough this is already a map almost 2 sven versions before.

Still only Black mesa map for me thats still cool, and probably havent seen everything yet. Also the office at second part has to be explored before doing anything else, i demand. And forgot to mention about item collectibles, FREAKY FLOWERS.


  • Keeny
  • Unusual puzzles
  • Lots of secrets
  • Playing this over average server and knowing almost all the secrets, oh the times


  • Pretty odd ending into a ventilation duct but still DISNEYLAND
  • A little confusing at start
Score: 8.5 / 10

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