Map Review of robo-s-disco

by dunkelschwamm | August 21, 2022 | 2640 characters

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Robo's Disco is a map where a funny little dark ride car runs on rails toward a door which opens when players enter a trigger area in front of it and then Jurassic Park music plays as you see a colorful disco floor and a big screen which says "Roboottos Disco" in a cursive font. The music ends abruptly and the door closes before the little car retreats back to its starting position, phasing through the closed door along the way.

The map is decorated with an almost cathedral-like appearance, though features cartoonish red, blue, and green lights that- while lined up well with the textures, are not lined up well with the textures in the super-fun complete reflection of the map on the ceiling. It even features a door which opens at the same time the door on the players' side of the mirror does. I think that's a fun little consistent effect that's pulled off with some really decent execution. What makes it even more fun is that there's also a way to access that mirror side if you get a player to boost you up to it past to the door at the end of the rail.

Overall, this map is pretty pointless, it's over in a second, and it has no ending so I can't recommend it for a server. But, for a bullshit little thing to look at, I think it does a dumb little thing that I can't really be angry at. It doesn't do any of it particularly well, and there's a hostile energy to the abruptness of it before everything stops and resets, and the concept is simplistic and dumb as dirt- but because it feels like an idea realized competently enough to play as intended from start to finish and includes just a dumb fun easter egg, I can't help but think of this as a success of a map.

It's too bad there's just nobody I could really recommend this to. It's just, simply, not for anybody I can think of.


  • The mirror image thing is really cute
  • The thing where you can boost up to see the mirror image thing is really cute
  • I think the textures and brushes in the initial hall area look fine. Good even?
  • There's seats for two. It's like a cute tunnel of love <3


  • The way the ride abruptly cuts off at the end is disappointing, I guess? Not sure what it was going for
  • It's mostly a nothing. There's nobody I can think to recommend this to.
  • Everything I didn't directly compliment for looking good in the pros looked pretty bad
Score: 4.8 / 10
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