Map Review of backattack

Map review of Backattack

by dunkelschwamm | September 10, 2022 | 2210 characters

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BackAttack is an action map featuring lots of spawning enemies and some weapons in some interesting environments which mostly encourage players to spawn at doors and floor firepower into the next room before proceeding forward.

First players are tasked with clearing out a hallway to a garage, a vent from there to a beautiful room which respawns grenades as you fight a helipad full of soldiers, then aliens, then aliens and soldiers. Then you crawl into the next area where you fight a room full of soldiers and another room with soldiers and aliens and then an outdoor area full of soldiers and then the map is over. It's pretty short, and each area is more bland than the last.

This map is definitely co-op forward. Enemies have an abundance of health and respawn, there's co-op only switch or boosting benefits, and most of the gameplay is about hammering heavy enemy opposition.

I think the map has some nice brushwork and props around, but the environments evoked are honestly mostly pretty forgettable despite the attention to detail. I guess you can only doll up the subject matter so much.

A lot of the map bars progression by putting turrets in a doorway while soldiers chuck grenades into your safe zone, but if you chuck grenades back you'll do great.

I recommend this goofy little action map with your friends and a server, just don't expend much more than a quick and thick co-op romp.


  • Hard hitting action adjusted for co-op
  • Some really fun grenade traps
  • Well brushed


  • Sort of annoying and tedious progression made repetitious by unimaginative map approaches
  • The respawning enemies are especially annoying with more health and prevent dynamic gameplay more than respawning enemies typically do
  • Picking up new (and, frankly, necessary) weapons and restocking them requires crawling into out of the way spots.
  • Mostly pretty forgettable despite its well brushed environments.
Score: 6.5 / 10
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