Map Review of bad-training

by dunkelschwamm | September 17, 2022 | 1952 characters

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Bad Training is a very short walkthrough map for Sven Co-op. It is not very competently made, but that's not to say it's a bad map. Let's explain.

Now, I have to admit up front, this is an ugly map. This map doesn't look good. It is very function over form, but there are many functionless choices- from the strange choices of textures to the easily climbed walls to the robogrunts who attack right out of spawn. Everything here is a questionable choice that detracts from the overall map.

However, there's something fun at play here that's brute-forced into the experience via heavy armaments given to players, heavy opposition to chew on with those weapons, and a fucky map to crawl around on to attack the enemies our own way. Despite the bad first impressions, by the time the map was very briefly over, I had grown quite fond of sniping robogrunts, or luring them backwards into a grenade killzone, or bringing enemies to fight the Kingpin who we couldn't throw any useful attacks at until we found the weapons after defeating him.

It's fun. It's a fun map that I think ends far too soon. If you have a map rotation with really dumb short fun maps, this is a must. I think this would be a fun map to replay in singleplayer now that I'm thinking about it.


  • Fun, action-packed combat for basically the whole map
  • The bit with the turrets and the robogrunts in particular was a lot of fun
  • The weapon selection is great
  • Being able to break the level is fun


  • Being able to break the level is probably a problem, despite being fun
  • Being attacked at spawn is a poor opening
  • The map looks as beginnery as a map can look
  • Entirely too short.
Score: 6 / 10
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