Map Review of bad-training

by GrandmasterJ | September 17, 2022 | 2225 characters

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This is a short map where players spawn in a room full of robo grunts and get shot immediately. The map also ahs a fade in, so we are getting shot without being able to see anything. There is a doorway but it is blocked by a crate, there is no ceiling, just sky, so we jump on top of some crates and we can see right over the walls. We can see and hear tons of robo grunts and there is a kingpin right there on the other side of the wall. Some robo grunts got lured into a fight with the kingpin, it was great. After trying to throw all manner of explosives and snarks at the kingpin we finally found that the hivehand was the best weapon for the job. We killed the kingpin, but opted to break the crate and go around the normal way.

Around the corner was more weapons, and around the (paper-thin) corner again was where the kingpin was, with more weapons. At this point we had so many high powered weapons, by the time we turned the next corner and faced a swarm of robogrunts we were more than ready for them. The start of the map was so bad, the kingpin was lame, but this kind of combat with the firepower we had was real fun. After this area is a map end on the other side of some sandbags, there are also turrets here which still fire after the map ends, my teammate died while frozen in mid-stride.

The map starts on a sour note, is real dumb in the middle, then finishes off strong with a good old fashioned enemy swarm. It's incredibly short, not pretty to look at or well made, but has one nice combat section.


  • Lots of weapons and ammo
  • the final combat section was really fun, mostly because of the weapons and ammo


  • Players spawn with enemies and get shot as soon as they appear
  • not only do players get shot in spawn, but the map has a fade in so we can't see anything
  • the map looks bad and is not well made
  • the kingpin was right next to spawn, we cheesed him and it was very lame and unsatisfying
Score: 4 / 10
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