Map Review of barnacle-flight

by GrandmasterJ | September 22, 2022 | 2373 characters

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The gimmick here is that players grapple onto each other and sort of hover in the air around the map. Now to be fair I only tried this with two people and the exploit is clearly intended to work with more than that. We attempted the instructions on the floating block in the middle of spawn but with only two people we couldn't really direct ourselves in any direction, maybe that is still a problem with more people, I don't know. But we did manage to explore the land, one of us could rappel down the other to the surface, but my teammate discovered a lake that was much faster to land in. The land looks like satellite imagery, a bird's eye view of farmland or forest. It was all very nice to look at but the coast of the island proved to trap my teammate and I in several areas, this map is meant to be flown around and not walked upon. Going into the light on the mountain in the middle will teleport players back to the floating spawn platform. That's the map.

There is a secret if you jump on the barnacle into the tutorial block. That takes you to a lounge like area with some monitors, the author's name (which doesn't match the author on the SCMapDB page, weird), a vending machine, and teleporters back to spawn. The middle of the lake we were landing in shot us up into the sky, we don't really know what that was all about.

I think it is a fun gimmick, I'd love to revisit this with more people. The map itself was explored quickly and with nothing much to see, we even got stuck in quite a few areas down there. Flying around is fun and all (or rappelling) but at the end of the day players are flying around a big box with what is essentially a glitch. It's a fun idea and novel experience but is a rather short lived curiosity.


  • Really fun idea
  • beautiful map
  • we could get to the bottom of the map easily by jumping into the lake
  • fun secret room
  • map is full of convenient teleporters


  • We got stuck a few times walking on the island, near the coastline
  • exploration is quite short lived, besides looking at the brushwork there isn't much to do
Score: 6 / 10
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