Map Review of bank-robbery

by GrandmasterJ | September 24, 2022 | 2673 characters

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The map is very straightforward, players spawn in a building with a barricade on the front door, the outside is a wide open area hemmed in by very tall walls (with snipers on top) and loads of enemies spawning in on the ground. At a certain point the enemies thinned out and we killed a female assassin with 5000 health named something like "must kill target" that instantly ended the map when we killed her.

That is the entire map, the map itself was very ugly, blocky buildings with bad proportions, flat texturing, and the exterior area was so big and empty that the draw distance cut the far end of the map off. The ground was some sort of dark grainy texture that looked bad.

Spawn had an absolute load of armor, which I very much appreciated, it also had some weapons but only had ammo for the mp5 and sniper rifle. The sniper is the best weapon to use. We can shoot enemies through the barricade, eventually the enemies would start firing back and that broke the barricade but two people with snipers was enough to hold them off for a while. Ammo was scarce and I did run out a lot, extra ammo is scattered outside randomly strewn about on the ground. It's a weird set up that encourages running around and getting hit by extremely far away turrets, snipers, and heavy weapons grunts. I was constantly confused about where I was getting hit from.

The map was over quick and I was surprised to find that despite how bad it looked and how annoying the damage I was taking from extremely far away enemies that I had a lot of fun. The map doesn't just spawn endless guys, there is an end to it and reaching it is satisfying. The combat is tense and using the sniper was fun and effective. Running out could get us more ammo and with all the armor we had we were dying far less than we would have without it. Also, thinking back on it, I think enemies could easily invade spawn but it wasn't a problem since my teammate and I were competently sniping most of them when they ran up, I bet a team caught off guard might start suffering spawn kills.


  • Tons of armor in spawn
  • I liked the inclusion of the sniper and that it was one of the two ammo types in spawn
  • map had a flow and a satisfying end, short but sweet and focused on its main idea


  • map is ugly
  • map exceeds draw distance
  • many times where I took damage and had no idea where it was coming from
Score: 5.5 / 10
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