Map Review of barnacle-flight-2

by GrandmasterJ | September 24, 2022 | 2538 characters

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So I tried this map after I tried "Barnacle Flight". Funny story, according to map descriptions when Barnacle Flight 2 came out there was no Barnacle Flight 1, then Barnacle Flight came out a couple years later inspired by the original map. Anyway, the map started up and I looked around, we were in a big grey box with big blocky instruction signs around us. "Oh," I say to my teammate "this is just worse Barnacle Flight." Then I fall down the long shaft to the bottom and I only take 10 damage. "This is a better Barnacle Flight" my teammate quipped and then we laughed heartily.

So the gimmick of Barnacle Flight is something like a glitch, when players barnacle grapple onto each other they can float in the air. The whole map is based around a bunch of players doing that. That's it, the whole map is just a room to do that exploit in. It's less of a complete gameplay experience and more of a demonstration or testing box.

Then I kicked up my feet and lit a cigar, smug and content in knowing that I have passed down my judgement on yet another map. Until my teammate loudly exclaimed "Where was the disco!?" and we were back in the map. If players fly directly under the spawn platform (or rappel off a teammate who stands in the center of the platform, jump off the edge, and then pull up) then they hit a teleporter and go to a room with two other teleporters, one labelled zombies something and the other labelled mine whatever. As far as we can tell you cannot come back from these rooms. The mine room is just a elaborate room with tripmines and buttons that all seem to open and close the same door. The zombie room is a room full of zombies. The disco room is hidden behind a false wall that players must crouch through. It is easily the best part of the map and features a kickin' dance floor and pounding music.

This map may be a gimmick map but it has some cool side areas too.


  • It's a pretty cool gimmick
  • extremely lessened fall damage
  • More gameplay through the secret area
  • the disco was great, fun look and great music


  • Ugly
  • made obsolete by a newer map
  • nothing to do besides hover in the air
  • The trip mine room and zombie room weren't that great and it sucks that we couldn't come back
Score: 5.5 / 10
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