Map Review of barnacle-flight-2

by dunkelschwamm | September 24, 2022 | 2329 characters

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Barnacle Flight 2 is a map that shows off a silly Barnacle Glitch that makes players fly around. It's hard to do with a few players, and can't speak much to how well the glitch works with a bunch of players. But, I'm not really here to review the glitch, I'm here to review the map itself.

The map is a huge rectangular prism where players can fall a great distance to the bottom, without fall damage, then take a central teleporter back to where we spawn- the top of a flying circle near the top of the map. Up there, instructions tell players how to work the glitch with a bunch of people. I only had a couple people, but I trust that the glitch works and is fun to play around with.

I have no complaints about the map. For a big concrete box it stays a tad visually interesting with intersecting lines of fluorescent lights which extend the entire vertical length of the map. Really, it is simple looking. But, it provides tons of room to base jump and do the whole funny barnacle glitch thing. It's kinda like when you play a fighting game and there's a featureless training room as one of the stages.

Edit: There's secrets! A place to, I guess, deathmatch with tripmines which reminds me of an Unreal Tournament map, a chamber full of zombies, and a really fun disco with three beats a DJ can trigger with buttons. I think the zombie and tripmine areas are whatever, but look nice I guess. The disco is al of fun and I really like how it looks.

So, if you want a featureless training room to practice barnacle tongue-circle-jerking then this is the map for you.


  • If you want to fall a great distance in a large room, this is the place for you
  • If you want to do that but with a barnacle, this is the place for you
  • If you want to do that, but with instructions on how to do a neat barnacle glitch, this is the map for you
  • Really nice touch that fall damage doesn't kill you and you can just teleport to the top.
  • Good disco!


  • It's a great big box that you jump in
  • The other two secrets are kinda meh
Score: 6.5 / 10
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