Map Review of base-under-fire

by GrandmasterJ | October 2, 2022 | 2060 characters

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From the screenshots and the unimaginative name I had the impression that this map was going to be pretty bad. But the spawn room has health, armor, and ammo in abundance and it respawns all very quickly so we don't have to wait around for everybody to be supplied. It starts off really well.

The gameplay loop is as follows, leave spawn, run around and go up some ladders to fight an apache with a rocket launcher, then unlock a couple of gates to a tower filled with snipers and a robo grunt underneath it. There are two buttons at the base of the tower that need to be pressed at the same time to blow up some boxes in the way of two players climbing on top of each other to access the ladder, this map requires two player cooperation! At the top of the tower is a target, walking over the target plants a bomb, the bomb is detonated by going back on top of spawn and pressing the corresponding button. We do this four times total to blow up four towers and then we win.

I think it was a decent map, I liked the generous spawn area and I think the map had good direction. When gates were unlocked there would be a message informing players about it, we were at a loss of what to do with the explosives but I remembered the buttons I had seen on the spawn building roof, I suppose those could have been more obvious. I think having the four towers, the map's objectives, all be the exact same challenge copy and pasted over again four times is very uninspired. That is my biggest complaint about this map, it's just overall uninspired.


  • Great spawn area, plenty of supplies for lots of players
  • objectives were reasonably signposted and easy to follow


  • The four towers of the map all played exactly the same, totally uninspired map design
Score: 5 / 10
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