Map Review of battle

Map review of Battle

by dunkelschwamm | October 2, 2022 | 2174 characters

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Battle (or 2battle) is a very, very brief walkthrough map wherein players must face two ambushes with heavy resistance. It's somewhat noobish in brushwork design, evoking a blocky and janky Black Mesa lab corridor with uneven and unnaturally thin surfaces. Hgrunts break in through a skylight in a paper-thin ceiling. It's ambitious for what the quality of map would suggest the mapper is capable of.

As mentioned, the first ambush involves rappelling HECU, but it also includes about four turrets. This is a heavy battle with lots of resistance for two players, but it is possible. At this point, players will realize how much they're hurting for better specialty weapons- it's the boilerplate MP5 and shotgun only supplemented by the hard-hitting .357. There are many times where a grenade would absolutely crush a situation, and its absence is felt in every action scene.

The second ambush is a room just fulla alien grunts and some vortigaunts. They spawn in and even respawn. Alien grunts are beefy bastards in Sven as of a specific update, so I don't know if this map was designed before they were so formidable. In any case, they can just stand in that chamber and fire and kill the players. It's not that big of an issue, as with two players we were able to rush in and end the map, which bafflingly shifts things to svencoop1.

I don't recommend this map. I think it's probably somebody's early learning map. If you're looking for something fast and a bit tense you can put it in your server rotation if you're willing to deal with it targeting svencoop1 as the map transition.


  • Some pretty intense action
  • Ambitious ambush sequence with emerging turrets and rappelling guards from a shattering skylight


  • Map looks very noobishly, blockishly, jankily made
  • Uninspired weapon selection leaves me thirsty for more satisfying fights
  • Transitions to svencoop1
Score: 3 / 10
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