Map Review of break-the-glass

by GrandmasterJ | October 27, 2022 | 1358 characters

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In Break the Glass we break some glass. The map is one big room with the same brick texture on all sides and many glass panes separating players from Otis, Kliener, and Barney. The glass panes get progressively stronger and players are only armed with a crowbar. With two players it took about ten minutes to break through, kill the scientist, thus instantly ending the map.

We restarted again, this time cheating to get SAWs, and blazed through about 1400 rounds each before breaking all the panes and killing Otis and Barney and letting the scientist live. He ran in terror as we shot at his feet. I traced a nice cowering scientist outline around him. My teammate displaced him and the map ended.

This map is kind of obnoxious but it has its own fun of collectively working towards a murderous goal goal. I much prefer with SAWs though.


  • It gives off the zen feeling that some people get when doing simple repetitive tasks
  • I liked killing the scientist


  • not a very fun concept
  • the room was textured badly, no effort was put into appearance
Score: 3.5 / 10
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