Map Review of battlefield

by GrandmasterJ | November 13, 2022 | 3770 characters

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The map is very straightforward, players go to various themed battlefields and fight limited respawning enemies and pressing a button at the end to open up the next battlefield. The final battlefield involves a big spinning platform with a crystal that we have to destroy.

Spawn area is a long hallway with five doors on one side and a long window overlooking the first battlefield. At the far end are some mundane Black Mesa prefabs and NPCs milling about. There is a button for a mission briefing, a button for anti-blocking measures, and a button that I think unlocked a door in the hallway to another button that does something, but I haven't quite figured out what. Also, players have quite the arsenal starting out but the entrance to each battlefield has a weapon stripper so if you want to keep your weapons throw them through the doorway before walking through.

The first battlefield is the alien battlefield and it was not fun. Players are on thin strips of land, in the shape of what I assume to be the author's clan, CK. Big mommas, houndeyes, and alien grunts on a platform above hit us and block the way. The weapons we are given are snarks and hive hands. We just sprinted to the end when we finally learned where the button was.

The second battlefield is the military battlefield and it was ok. Players and some friendly soldiers take on enemy soldiers in a dark block series of rooms. Halfway it switches to pitch black with assassins. We are given shotguns, mp5s, and M16s with 2 grenades. It's a good loadout but I feel like I need more explosives to get through the assassins. My teammate was the one to find the end and hit the button.

The third battlefield sucks real bad. It's labelled as the "Aqua Battlefield" and I knew that meant ichthyosaurs right away. Players have to swim through infested waters, then up a ladder, and then to the button.

The fourth, and final, battlefield sucked the most. Players are dropped totally exposed on a walkway (I should mention that all teleports drop players in the same spot, so yes, you can appear on/in your teammate and possibly shove them off the platform) where alien slaves and controllers start attacking. We don't last long in this room. But there are no more doors to open, are we looking for a button? My teammate kind of guessed we should attack the big spinning crystal in the middle of the room, so that is what we did and it worked.

I don't like the design of any of the battlefields featured in this map and that is the prime issue for me. The first battlefield had me trying to either slip past gonarch on a thin walkway or kill them all, taking tons of damage the entire time either way. The second battlefield was better, but that second half with assassins in complete darkness was a great trap to murder players. The third battlefield was the dreaded water level, the ichthyosaurs don't respawn so honestly even though I don't like this one it might be my favorite. The fourth battlefield dropped players right into a crossfire, I would die before taking two steps. We did eventually shotgun out way clear in the final battlefield and shattered the crystal but the whole process was annoying.


  • Variety of battlefields
  • I'm really glad players spawn with large arsenals and we can exploit the weapon strippers


  • I didn't like the first battlefield
  • I didn't like the second battlefield
  • I didn't like the third battlefield
  • I didn't like the fourth battlefield
Score: 3.5 / 10
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