ghostfuckb2 b5 combination review

Map review of Ghost Fuck

by Eisen | October 31, 2007 | 1913 characters

"Worth a play for the Arnold joke in the beginning of the map."
Much of ghostfuckb2 suffers from various glitches and oversights as the map was never properly finished. As a result music in the 'furry porn gallery' does not play (in the entire gallery), and said gallery has little to no lighting and consists of recycled assets. Much of the map has an unfinished feel with many uses of placeholder textures and as mentioned before recycled assets. There isn't much to do on ghostfuckb2 other than to experience a joke that is rather elaborate in set-up.

Step 1. Retrieve the companion cube from the pumpkin area (walk through the wall), find and break unmarked breakable walls leading to the cube's room and out of the cube's room back to the main lobby.
Step 2. Deliver the cube to the 'fist' hallway
Step 3. Watch and listen for the joke, usually at the cost of whoever delivered the cube's life.

"Why was this released?"
An unused version of the ghostfuckb2 gallery lacking many of the features. Audio doesn't work properly for most of the area, of the ghostfuckb2 pictures are not included. There are no enemies, no doors, and nothing to do. It's worth noting that the entire 'finished segment of ghostfuckb5' is included within ghostfuckb2.

Update: July 12, 2017
Confirmed that ghostfuckb2 and ghostfuckb5 both work with the latest version of Svencoop.


  • The companion cube fist joke is actually funny
  • The model used for the fist is surprisingly high quality


  • Poor Lighting and confusing textures
  • No flow path or objectives
  • Lack of things to do
  • Images have no relevance
  • The quiz game appears to be partially bugged
  • Unfinished
Score: 1.5 / 10

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