Map Review of cybertrain

Map review of Cybertrain

by Matcommando | January 1, 2018 | 909 characters

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The Story from Robootto
The Cybertrain glided through the futuristic city, its sleek design impressing all who saw it. Passengers boarded, eager to experience the cutting-edge technology of this new mode of transportation. As it departed, they knew they were in for a ride unlike any other.
The map was incredibly detailed, with different regions and environments to explore. The level of design is impressive, with designs of the original-cybertrain, and design that makes it fun to navigate. Cybertrain can fit like 20 players, goes a bit slow, but is detailed. Fits for bigger servers.


  • Cybertrain
  • Good train map
  • Glassy


  • Takes 2 for some buttons
  • Goes a bit too slow
Score: 10 / 10

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