Author is correct in that I hate them after playing this map.

by Eisen | July 27, 2017 | 1970 characters

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I'll explain the 'tallbuilding' experience I had, the map started and we (as in the other two people in the server) explored. A notable flaw that this map has from the start is that many doors do not open, and that you must jump to climb the stairs. There were no weapons for the first 4 floors and parts of the map collapse and explode to kill allies (presumably as a joke). On the fourth floor the map's first enemy is introduced after it's appearance triggers an explosion killing at least one person in your group (the one who saw him). Mr. Wang as he's labeled has 25000 health to my recollection, when the player and group has no weapons other than a medkit.

I assumed there were other entrances, and at this point took the time to view the exterior of this tower. There are visually 1-3 windows on most sides (all of which are functional) and a fully detailed side (most of the windows on this side are decorative). There are no weapons to be found, a friendly monster_scientist that cannot be accessed by normal means (though does comment if you throw your medkit in to them). In frustration of losing my only medkit with no means of retrieve, I attempted to suicide by jumping off the building. There is actually no way to jump off the tower as the map is confined to the tower itself and the distance of outside spawn area.

A ladder down is marked exit that appears to go nowhere and is seemingly inaccessible (we did not complete this map). However I noticed a button on the side of the tower, modeled to be very small. When you press this button it starts a vote to restart the map. I can only ask "Why?"



  • No weapons, high difficulty monsters.
  • Difficult to navigate due to stair slope angle
  • Map is visually unappealing
Score: 0.5 / 10

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