Map Review of terminator-run

by GrandmasterJ | January 14, 2023 | 2104 characters

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This is a very straightforward map, players spawn in front of three colored lanes with an obstacle course to the other end of the map. There is a blue, red, and green route but they are all the same, except for blue becuase it does not have a shotgun at the end and the other two do for some reason.

The obstacle course itself is fairly simple, with bars blocking the way that must be jumped over or crawled under, some other simple platforming challenges, and the one I really failed at which was the ceiling ladder. At the end is a big drop into the last stretch to the finish line. As I mentioned before, red and green get shotguns and longjump here but blue does not for some reason. There is also a glass barrier that rises up to block the way out, I don't know why this was necessary, I was trapped in there until it opened and I am not quite clear on what causes it to open. It certainly is not me clawing like a cat to get out. There are some buttons at the end, my teammate think these caused the glass barrier to come up but I don't know, they were unresponsive when I tried them.

It's an ok map, it works well for racing. There are hallways on either side running from the start to the finish so players can get back. This is a looooong trip that would have been much better as a teleport though I will say the long jump helped the trip go faster. The glass barrier at the end and the absence of weapons for blue team are annoyances the map did not need to have. It's a fun map but I wouldn't want to play on it for too long.


  • Fun obstacle course set up for races
  • weapons and long jump are good rewards at the end
  • long jump helped traverse the hallway back to spawn


  • no weapons or long jump for blue
  • that glass barrier trapped me and I am not sure on how I managed to get out
Score: 5.5 / 10
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