Map Review of terminator-run

by dunkelschwamm | January 14, 2023 | 3108 characters

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Terminator Run is an obstacle course map for Sven Co-op by robootto.

Robootto's pretty infamous for maps that don't really see their concept through, but I think Terminator Run is an example of a Robootto map that makes a lot of sense to me- it's a simple 3-person obstacle course with 3 (nearly) identical courses side-by-side, each a different color. Parallel to these courses are windowed corridors which spectators can traverse with ease.

When the map begins, players use a glass door which slowly lowers. It lowers so slowly that players with more experience with the engine will know exactly when to crouch-jump to get a head-start. This sets the stage for the obstacle course, which requires quick thinking and that kind of glove-fitting goldsrc platforming, bunny jumping, and other various edge cases to shave seconds off and beat the competition. For the most part, the courses succeed this for the minute or two they last.

There's a couple bits I think are a bit silly. There's a bit toward the end which requires players shotgun down glass panes to proceed, which is a semi-decent obstacle that I think could have been expanded on if not for appearing at the end of the course. The problem is that the left-most blue course bafflingly is left without a shotgun, and thus must rely on the inferior handgun and crowbar combo to proceed. Additionally, it's here at the end that players are given a longjump module to clear the final dozens of feet of distance- again, except for the leftmost blue course player. You can't expect a robootto map to be totally devoid of trolls, I suppose.

At the end there's a switch that I think raised glass panes behind me, signifying the race was over and I had won. I'm not sure if that's what they did. Those glass panes proceeded to raise and lower several times since after I pressed the button, so it's hard to say I had any sway over them at all.

The map is very simple in textures and geometry, but the obstacle course nature makes that carry its own kind of charm.

Unfortunately the map doesn't end on its own so you'll just have to wait for the timer to run out.

If you're looking for a silly obstacle course race to play with friends, this might not be a terrible pick. Tell the friend you don't like to take the left-most blue course!


  • It's a totally functional obstacle course with lots of decent obstacles
  • Going back through it again with the long-jump is fun
  • Clever design on the beginning door
  • I like the three colored track design
  • I like the idea of a button that traps the other racers at the end of a race


  • The weird glass door thing at the end was wonky and weird
  • Trolling the blue race track is a joke that works once and sabotages your map forever
  • No way to end the map after the extremely short playtime value
Score: 6.4 / 10
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